About Us


 A Kamson Sodiq Entrepreneurship Foundation (KSEF), the parent company of;

royaledifice/travel.com : Travels and Sports Management Entity

sevisafrica.com Educational Management Entity 

propertylibro.comProperty Management Entity

101wears.comOnline Store Entity

 Incorporated on 15th September, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria as a sole proprietorship company by its Executive Director Kamson Sodiq Adebowale, an accredited member of United Kingdom member of Tourism Society with the membership ID: SODIQ-KAMSON-170625192829.

 Our years of operations have given us experiences and challenges to strengthen or services and make corrections to our Achilles-heels and to aid optimum customer’s satisfaction. We handle effectively all task targeted towards portraying us credence to our clients and self esteem to our ego


The Managing Director of our company has worked tremendously for 4 years with clean records in the travel industry and particularly educational management, thus bringing on board properties management and online store as another monetary channel to the companyOur entity has recorded so many success stories on successful admissions and visa processes from the inception of royaledifice.com.Around the Managing Director are superb team mates with vast knowledge in the area of specialization with wide experiences in the overall travel industry.Our partnership with other companies who have same vision like we do has made us very grounded in all areas of holdings with good score cards.We are always enthusiastic to give our clients the best since our clients satisfactions fetches us self esteem. 


To be instinctive and to ensure giving our clients the best they deserve by exceeding the extent of limit expected of us through dynamic researches and enthusiasm to make them smile. 


We incline to be proactive and be preempt in order to withstand the unforeseen challenges and to bringing out the best in us.


We are planning to recruit some more members of staff on or before 1st of July, 2018 for an expansion, delegation and distribution of locations purposes via our parent organization and initiative- Royal Edifice Group and Kamson Sodiq Entrepreneurship Foundation (KSEF) in order to engage some few youths to acquire skills and excellence in the travel industry and our other arms of enterprise. 


Sustaining level of expertise and administration that foster on outsourcing, good customer relations, customer growths and growth of business structures and increasing our database system after the first financial year. 

We also aim at orchestrating a give back to the community programme through our proposed charity gesture to our communities either small or large in retrospect of our annual turnover. 


Integrity, sincerity and enthusiasm.

Kindest regards, 

Kamson Sodiq Adebowale

MD/CEO Royal Edifice Travels And Sports Management.

  • Address  ­­80, Ayangburen Road, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. 23401. 
  • Mobile/WhatsApp +2348133664797 
  • Office +234(0)14536245 
  • Bbm 2AE02CFC 
  • Facebook kamson.adebowaleescobar 
  • Twitter @escobarKSA 
  • Skype kamson.sodiq 
  • LinkedIn kamson-sodiq-1207b156
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